Based on the quarterly research (1.600 telephone interviews among architects) in the eight countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, the UK, Belgium and Poland) Arch-Vision publishes quarterly the "European Architectural Barometer" report.

In this report the economic development at the architectural agencies is presented, which is an important indicator for the future development of the construction industry. Besides the economic development indicators, every quarter, an important marketing or market development theme for the construction industry is investigated and also presented in the quarterly report. Organisations who want to monitor the economic and market developments structural, can take a subscription, which results in 4 reports every year.

Organisations who are only interested in just one specific topic can buy an separate theme report. This report contains also the economic development at the moment the specific topic was investigated. Topics which has been investigated are: Sustainability, Design & Technology trends, BIM, Love brands, Orientation & Media consumption, Decision making unit and Energy reduction.

Since the end of 2011, for companies which operate on only one of the six markets, Arch-Vision started to develop country specific reports, in which all available information from previous Arch-Vision measurements with respects to a specific country can be found. Country reports are available for Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. For the Netherlands it is also possible to take an annual subscription.

An impression of the latest European Barometer report can be downloaded here.